Third of the world’s population in LOCKDOWN as coronavirus global death toll tops 20,000

A THIRD of the world’s population — 2.6 billion people — are in lockdown.

The number doubled when India’s 1.3 billion were ordered to stay at home for three weeks.

In India 1.3 billion were ordered to stay at home for three weeks in one of the biggest lockdowns to date

PM Narendra Modi said the move was “to save India, its every citizen”.

Spain’s death toll leapt 738 in 24 hours to 3,434 — second only to Italy with 7,503. China has had 3,281.

There are at least 435,000 cases globally, with over 19,600 deaths.

China has the most cases at 81,500, Italy 74,000 and US 63,000. Spain’s health ministry said cases surged by 20 per cent yesterday from 39,673 to 47,610. Madrid turned an ice rink into a temporary morgue.


Spanish soldiers sent to disinfect care homes found abandoned old folk alongside virus victims dead in the beds.

A criminal investigation was launched as ministers said the government would not tolerate such outrages. The army asked Nato countries for testing kits, ventilators and protective gear.

Health care workers are said to account for more than 14 per cent of infections.

Another 683 died in Italy in 24 hours, but that was down on the 743 daily figure on Tuesday. It was also the fourth consecutive day of fewer new cases.

World Health Organization deputy director Ranieri Guerra said next week will show if Italy’s measures of 15 to 20 days ago were having an effect.

France’s toll passed 1,100, from 22,304 cases.

The global mortality rate — the percentage of people who die once infected — is up to 3.4 per cent.