Supermarket bosses urge Brits NOT to panic buy & insist there is plenty of stock & delivery slots amid lockdown fears

SUPERMARKET bosses have urged Brits not to panic buy as they assured everyone there is plenty of stock and delivery slots.

Pictures over this weekend showed shelves already stripped bare as fears loom of another lockdown amid a coronavirus surge.

Toilet roll is already flying off shelves as supermarkets urged people to keep calm

Shop bosses have assured Brits there is enough to go around

Supermarkets want to avoid the scenes in March which saw widespread stockpiling

Big chains are desperate to avoid repeats of the scenes in March when customers bulk bought essentials like toilet roll, flour and pasta.

Stores bosses have insisted they have more enough to go around as they urged everyone to be sensible.

Tesco has more than doubled its online delivery slots to 1.5million from 600,000, reports The Mirror.

Sainsbury’s have also said there is “high demand”, while Ocado said its home deliveries now have a three day waiting list.

Andrew Opie, head of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “We urge consumers to be considerate and shop for food as they would usually during this difficult time.”

Reportedly people are even already shopping for Christmas, with Sainsbury’s saying searches for festive items like puddings have quadrupled.

Morrisons have tightened social distancing rules at almost 500 stores amid fears of increased demand.

One supermarket worker told the Mirror: “Some people are definitely panic buying again. We have 4,000 more items this weekend than we usually would.

“We have seen an increase in people over the last few weeks.

“When the panic buying started months ago, we hadn’t experienced it. We are prepared now.”

A lonely bag of flour sits on a shelf in a Sainsbury’s

Supermarkets are ready for any potential second lockdown

Brits have urged other shoppers to be sensible

Brits have also urged their fellow shoppers to be sensible as some people were seen loading up their trolleys over the weekend.

Ceri Marshall, 53, said she took her mum shopping after hearing about panic buying just to be safe.

She said: “One of the girls in work told me it was going on and they were running out of toilet roll at Asda.

“I hope people don’t start to panic buy, it just makes it worse for everyone.”

Mum Lisa Patterson, 33, stocked up last time, but said she was “not sure people will be so daft this time”.

Cyril Draper, 92, added: “It is crazy – I’ve lived through a lot and you won’t catch me panicking.”

Others however insisted they were doing the right thing, with one man spotted buying five 16-roll packs of Andrex and four 5kg bags of rice.

He said: “I’m not panic buying, I’m preparing. I’m an old man, I can’t be going to the shops every day. I couldn’t get a delivery slot for today.”



Britain is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases, with the government’s top scientists are preparing to issue a disaster warning to the nation.

Tough new restrictions are expected to be announced soon as Boris Johnson tries to balance saving the economy and managing the virus.

Some 13million people are already in lockdown, with the government weighing up plans for a “circuit breaker” for the rest of the country.

It is hoped a two-week limited lockdown will help stamp out the rising virus numbers which have been creeping up throughout September.

Cases have risen from 1,295 on September 1 to a 19 week high of 4,422 on Saturday, with a slight dip to 3,899 on Sunday.

It is also expected some lockdown measures will be reintroduced in London, with people expected to be asked to once again work from home.

Top scientists Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance will say in a televised speech that the UK is at a “critical point” at 11am today.

They will also privately address ministers, with a source saying their briefing is so “scary” it will “make the Cabinet wet the bed”.

But warring MPs warned Boris Johnson a lockdown would wreck the economy.

The scientists will warn the nation is at a “critical point” — while No 10 said Brits are in the “last-chance saloon” in the fight to avoid a second national lockdown.

Senior Tory MPs urged Boris Johnson to hold firm and not risk “economic disaster” by ordering another national lockdown.

Prof Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser, will issue a Doomsday warning that the nation is in the grip of a second wave.

In an unprecedented move, they will address the nation without a minister alongside them.

They will say a new tide of hospital admissions and deaths is on the horizon unless rules are followed.