Student, 21, still left with no sense of taste or smell SEVEN MONTHS after catching coronavirus

A STUDENT lost her sense of smell and taste when she caught coronavirus and still hasn’t got it back – SEVEN months later.

Marta Batista, 21, contracted coronavirus in March and hasn’t been able to enjoy a meal or sniff anything other than “rotten plastic” since.

Marta, 21, hasn’t been able to taste or smell anything for seven months since contracting coronavirus

The drama student at the University of West London misses the taste of her favourite food

The aspiring actor weighed just over 9st when she caught the virus but has shed 17lbs since.

She says all food tastes like bland rubber in her mouth, and she can take no joy in eating.

Marta only suffered mild symptoms of Covid-19 – such as a temperature and fatigue – when she contracted the killer bug.

Marta was tucking into a bowl of yogurt, granola and raisins when she realised her sense of taste was gone – and that she couldn’t smell anything despite not having a blocked nose.

She dreams of tasting her favourite cookie dough dessert from Bella Italia again, or enjoying a traditional meal cooked by her grandparents – but fears her senses may not return.

Marta, from Ealing, West London, said: “It’s awful and sometimes I can’t go to sleep because I’m thinking about it and I get really anxious.

“I feel like I’m in a bubble and I can’t be inserted into the world.

“I can only smell really strong things and they are rotten, I’m losing weight because food makes me sick, I’m losing hope.


“Not being able to taste is awful because what are you going to eat?

“I lost so much weight because there is no pleasure in eating, you’re only feeling the texture of the food but nothing else.

“I’m definitely feeling more anxious, also, since I’m really thin right now I have been struggling about body image because I look in the mirror and don’t want to look like this, so that’s definitely affected my mental health.

“Not being able to go out with friends for drinks or dinner is really awful because if I taste something it tastes horrible, so I have to eat because I have to not because I enjoy it.”

The loss of taste and smell wasn’t recognised as one of the main symptoms of Covid-19 in the UK until May, but Marta got a test anyway and realised she had Covid-19.

Since June, Marta – originally from Lisbon, Portugal – has been able to smell certain strong scents like perfume – but they are like “awful rotten plastic” in her nostrils.

But she joked that losing her taste helped her scoff healthy grub she’d usually turn her nose up at.

The drama student, who goes to the University of West London, added: “I’m a person who doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables so in the beginning when I didn’t have any taste I took advantage of it and started making these green juices with as many fruit and vegetables as I could get.”

The NHS says people with a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a change to their sense of smell or taste, should get a Covid-19 test and stay at home until the result arrives.

The aspiring actor has lost weight since getting Covid – because she doesn’t find joy in eating when there’s no taste

Marta only suffered mild symptoms of Covid-19 – such as a temperature and fatigue – when she contracted the killer bug

The student says she loses sleep over her loss of taste and smell