Rand Paul says Fauci lied to him over US-funded research that was being carried out in Wuhan lab

SENATOR Rand Paul went on yet another tirade against the nation’s leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci over what he claims are lies spread by Fauci about American-funded research in the Wuhan lab where Covid is thought to have originated.

Paul, who has had a fair number of jabs thrown at Fauci over the Covid-19 jab, said on Thursday that Fauci’s emails newly made public due to a FOIA request show Fauci knew of American funds going to the Chinese lab.

Rand Paul went on yet another tirade against Dr. Anthony Fauci
Paul said Fauci bears a “moral culpability” because new emails reveal the NIH funded the Wuhan lab where Covid is theorized to have been developed

Appearing on Fox News, Paul said the thousands of emails showed Fauci could have been responsible for the development of the coronavirus, adding to his accusations a month earlier when he said the same of the National Institutes of Health.

At the Senate hearing at the time, Fauci told Paul he couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You are entirely and completely incorrect. The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute,” said Fauci in May.

Paul’s attacks on Fauci continued this week, with Paul saying Fauci beared a “moral culpability” for the development of Covid-19 at the Wuhan lab that received partial funding from the NIH.

Paul in a Senate hearing asked Fauci if the NIH funded a lab in Wuhan, which Fauci said it does not
Fauci’s emails reveal he may have believed at one point the coronavirus was synthetic

“I think we’ve had a sea change of opinion,” Paul said on Fox News. “Everybody left-of-center was saying this was a conspiracy, no way it could have happened in the Wuhan lab.”

“Now even Dr. Fauci is saying we should investigate it,” he continued.

“But the emails paint a disturbing picture, a disturbing picture of Dr. Fauci from the very beginning worrying that he had been funding gain of function research,” he went on.

“And he knows it to this day but hasn’t admitted it,” he went on, adding “there is a lot of evidence” to prove Fauci took such a lenient approach to the Wuhan lab theory because of his “conflict of interest.”

“If it turns out this virus came from the Wuhan lab, which it looks like it did, that there’s a great deal of culpability in that he was a big supporter of the funding,” he went on to say.

“But he was also a big supporter to this day of saying that we can trust the Chinese on this, that we can trust Chinese scientists and I think that’s quite naïve and really should preclude him form the position that he’s in.”

Fauci’s emails have newly been released to the public, showing Fauci may have at one point believed the coronavirus was synthetic.

He however has always asserted it was likely a from an animal.

Following his emails’ release, Republicans have called on his firing as he appeared to have lied to the public about the virus’ beginning as well as funding to the lab.