President Biden tests positive for Covid AGAIN in ‘rebound’ case and will isolate just days after getting all clear

Just days after getting the all clear, US President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 again.

The so-called ‘rebound’ case will send the commander-in-chief back into isolation nearly 10 days after he was first diagnosed.

After several days of testing negative for COVID-19, President Joe Biden has again tested positive for the virus and is experiencing a rebound infection

The president’s physician said on Sunday that Biden is not experiencing symptoms again, but will re-enter strict isolation procedures

News that Biden had tested positive yet again was announced on Saturday afternoon in a memo from the president’s physician.

According to the memo from physician Kevin O’Connor, the president appears to be among the small percentage of patients to experience a “rebound” infection after being treated with Paxlovid.

“After testing negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning, the President tested positive late Saturday morning,” O’Connor wrote in the memo.

“The president has experienced no reemergence of symptoms.”

While the president is said to be feeling “quite well” he will resume strict isolation procedures.

Biden addressed the rebound infection as well, confirming on Twitter that he had tested positive again.

“This happens with a small minority of folks,” Biden wrote in a tweet on Saturday afternoon.

“I’ve got no symptoms but I am going to isolate for the safety of everyone around me.”