Major Covid rule change coming to Scotland in DAYS

A MAJOR Covid rule has come under way nearly two years after restrictions were introduced in Scotland.

The change will be made on Monday for people in the greater Glasgow area.

Scotland is set to see another key Covid restriction lifted

Women going through IVF treatment with the NHS will no longer need to face Covid restrictions from next week.

This means they will be able to bring partners with them to their medical appointments.

The change comes four months after people were allowed to visit all wards at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Up until now, patients undergoing IVF have said they felt unsupported and overwhelmed during consultations.

NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde said it needed to “strike a balance” between protecting patients and providing the best care possible.

The Glasgow health board also apologised for any “distress or inconvenience” caused by the policy.

A spokesperson said: “While partners have been able to accompany the patient to specific appointments, such as egg collection and pregnancy scans, to ensure we could maintain high levels of safety as well as maximise the number of patients we could see, we limited partners’ attendance at other more routine appointments.

“We are aware of the difficulties this might have caused for couples using our services, and we would like to apologise for any resulting distress or inconvenience.

“However, we are pleased to announce that, from Monday 8th August, all restrictions at the Assisted Conception Service will be removed and partners will be able to attend all appointments once more.”

During the height of the pandemic, there were limits on how long partners could stay in the ward after birth.

Those who had successfully conceived also had to go to appointments alone.

But these restrictions were lifted a few months ago.

Since April, visitors have been able to visit any hospital wards in Scotland without needing to face restrictions.

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