Kids are more at risk of getting measles than coronavirus, says Britain’s top child doctor

KIDS are now more at risk of measles than Covid and must return to school, says Britain’s top child doctor.

Prof Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, urged parents to ensure their children’s routine vaccines are up to date and get them back to class as soon as possible.

Professor Viner said kids are now more at risk from measles than Covid

Some have missed MMR jabs because of closures or parents’ fears of taking them to clinics during lockdown. Prof Viner told A Journalist: “If your job is about the care of children, and if you know that the risk of them getting ill with Covid is incredibly small, you want to see schools reopen.

“Last week saw yet another scientific paper telling us very, very few children become seriously ill with Covid-19. We also know they play only a limited role in transmitting the virus.”

However, he went on: “Sadly, over 5,000 children die every year in the UK. Some contract infections such as measles or are killed in road traffic accidents.

“We don’t stop them from going to school or getting in cars. We make them wear seat belts, we tell them not to play in the road and we vaccinate them.

“I’m far more worried about the risk to children of measles than of Covid.

“Please make sure your children’s vaccinations are up to date — including flu vaccinations for the winter ahead.

Meanwhile Education Secretary Gavin Williamson’s officials warned that teachers could see an increase in bad behaviour because some pupils had forgotten discipline.

Heads said students could be excluded for “malicious coughing” or making “inappropriate” jokes about the pandemic.

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