Italian man, 36, becomes the first person in world to test positive for monkeypox, Covid and HIV at SAME time

A MAN in Italy has become the first person in the world to test positive for monkeypox, coronavirus and HIV at the same time, scientists claim.  

Researchers at the University of Catania say the 36-year-old tested positive for all three infections following a trip to Spain earlier this year.

Researchers say the man tested positive monkeypox, coronavirus and HIV at the same time

The chart above shows the different monkeypox symptoms patients may experience

The man, who has not been identified, suffered from fever, a sore throat, fatigue, headache and inflammation to the groin.

In total, the man spent five days in Spain from 16 to 20 June, during which he admitted to having unprotected sex with men.

According to a case report published in the Journal of Infection, he tested positive for coronavirus on July 2 – three days after first experiencing symptoms.

The same day he began to develop a rash on his left arm before developing small, painful vesicles on the man’s torso, lower limbs, face and glutes.

Blisters also appeared on his body in the next few days.

On July 5, the man was admitted to the emergency department at the San Marco University Hospital in Catania, Italy, before being transferred to the Infectious Diseases unit. 

There, he was tested for monkeypox where he returned a positive result.

He was also screened for several STIs and tested positive for HIV -1.

Researchers concluded that “given his preserved CD4 count, we could assume that the infection was relatively recent.”

They also revealed the patient had previously taken a HIV test in September 2021, which returned a negative result.

A week later (July 11), after recovering from both monkeypox and coronavirus, the man was discharged from the hospital where he was told to isolate.

Researchers confirmed that his skin legions had healed and crusted over, leaving just a scar.

The report from the university said: “This case highlights how monkeypox and Covid-19 symptoms may overlap, and corroborates how in case of co-infection, anamnestic collection and sexual habits are crucial to perform the correct diagnosis.

“To note, the monkeypox oropharyngeal swab was still positive after 20 days, suggesting that these individuals may still be contagious for several days after clinical remission.

“Consequently, physicians should encourage appropriate precautions.”

They added: “As this is the only reported case of monkeypox virus, SARS-CoV-2 and HIV co-infection, there is still not enough evidence supporting that this combination may aggravate patient’s condition.

“Given the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the daily increase of monkeypox cases, healthcare systems must be aware of this eventuality.”


The latest development comes as the bug has been spreading across the globe with more than are 41,000 cases of the illness across 94 countries, according to recent data from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The bug spreads primarily through skin to skin contact and can also be spread from respiratory droplets.

And thus far medics believe that the virus continues to be transmitted primarily in interconnected sexual networks of gay, bisexual, or men who have sex with other men (GBMSM).

Some new cases, which may be linked to travel, continue to be identified, they add.


Last month, a man, who had covid and monkeypox at the same time, described how his symptoms left him in bed ridden.

Mitcho Thompson, from California, said he started noticing red wounds across his body shortly after testing positive for Covid.

He explaining how he discovered lesions on his body on his legs, arms, back, and neck .

He also noted that he felt “really sick” and recounted the “worst of it” was when he could “barely” get out of bed or a drink of water.

He referred to the time frame he was sick as “weeks of misery” because it felt like he had a really bad flu.

Dr Dean Winslow, a Stanford University professor of medicine speaking on the case at the time, said getting Covid at the same time as monkeypox is very rare but possible.

The infectious diseases specialist told NBC Bay Area.: “It’s certainly not impossible for that to occur.

“It’s just incredibly bad luck. They are very different viruses.”