Is shortness of breath or pain when breathing a symptom of coronavirus?

COVID-19 has already taken the lives of over 5,300 people in the UK with key symptoms including a dry cough and fever.

Shortness of breath could be a sign of coronavirus with ventilators and other breathing apparatus on short supply across the nation

But is shortness of breath another of those symptoms?

Is shortness of breath or pain when breathing a symptom of coronavirus?

Like with all symptoms, they could be a number of different viruses or illnesses.

But shortness of breath, or pain when breathing, is one of the most common sign that you may have coronavirus, with Mr Johnson currently in ICU and needing oxygen to breathe.

It is considered one of the ‘big three’ along with constant coughing and a fever.

Yet, unlike fever, fatigue or coughing, shortness of breath is not a typical symptom of a common cold or flu, but could just be a chest infection.

The advice from the NHS is to first isolate just in case you do have coronavirus, including those you live with as they may have also contracted it.

What should I do if I have shortness of breath, fever or coughing?

If you live alone and develop symptoms it is recommended to stay at home for seven days after symptoms begin.

If you live with others, everyone in the house must stay at home and not leave for 14 days.

Studies show that people have the coronavirus without symptoms for five days on average.

What should I do if I only have shortness of breath?

If you are worried about symptoms you can go through the NHS 111 online service.

To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

What are other symptoms of coronavirus?

A high temperature or fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19.

This means that if your chest or back is hot without the need of a thermometer.

Heavy coughing is also another common sign, where people suffer regular fits of coughing.

If you are coughing for more than an hour, suffer three coughing episodes in a 24-hour window or are coughing more than usual, you may have the virus.