Don Jr slams Fauci for hitting back at Covid critics as Senator says he should get an ’emotional support pony’

DONALD Trump Jr. slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci as an “incompetent boob” after he hit back at Covid critics claiming they were “attacking science”.

It comes after Fauci branded calls for his firing “preposterous” following increased criticism over US funding given to a lab in Wuhan.

Dr. Fauci said that attacking him is the same as ‘attacking science’
Don Jr blasted Dr. Fauci on Twitter today

On Wednesday Fauci said in a fiery tirade that anyone that was attacking him was attacking science.

“It’s very dangerous, Chuck, because a lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” Fauci told MSNBC host Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.

Fighting back against Dr. Fauci’ss response on MSNBC, Don Jr. blasted the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director on Twitter.

“If attacks on incompetent boob Dr. Anthony Fauci are attacks on Science then attacks on Bill Cosby are attacks on Comedy!!!,” Don Jr. tweeted today.

“It’s science.”

Fauci had been responding to increased criticism he has been receiving following the release of his emails that show over $826,000 in US funding went to the Wuhan lab where a conspiracy claims the coronavirus was developed.

During his interview, he went on to blast Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who earlier this week shared a conspiracy theory that put forth Fauci was colluding with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to spread a narrative on Covid-19.

“I don’t have a clue what she just said,” Fauci said in response to Blackburn’s theory.

“I don’t have a clue of what she’s talking about,” Fauci repeated. “And I’m sorry, I don’t want to be pejorative against a United States senator but I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

Continuing his rant, Fauci said: “Because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science.

Senator John Kennedy told Fox News that Fauci needs to ‘cut the crap’

“Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was pushback against me.

“And anybody that looks at what is going on clearly sees that. You have to be asleep not to see that.”

Meanwhile, Senator John Kennedy warned that Fauci to “cut the crap” on Wednesday night.

“I know Dr. Fauci, I like Dr. Fauci, I respect Dr. Fauci,” Kennedy told Fox News’s “Hannity.”

“But Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn’t about Dr. Fauci.

“It’s not about his feelings, and I’m sorry if his feelings were hurt.

“You know, maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony.”

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is at the center of the Covid lab leak theory

Sen. Kennedy went on to say that Fauci could not guarantee the US taxpayer that the money given to the Chinese scientists would not be used to do “gain-of-function research and turn a normal virus into a supercharged virus.”

“They weren’t monitored, Dr. Fauci and his people didn’t monitor the lab, and it’s not like it hasn’t happened before,” he added.

However, on the Senate floor, the health expert denied any US cash went towards “gain of function” research – a practice that involves taking a virus and making it either more transmissible or pathogenic.

But he later admitted that he couldn’t be certain that scientists at the lab kept their word and avoided using US funding to conduct so-called “gain-of-function” research.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also mocked Fauci today saying: “When you attack me, you attack science. I am science says the Sun King Tony Fauci – our own Louis XIV.”

The doc has drastically altered his stance on the origins of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Fauci told National Geographic last May that he thought the virus was naturally occurring and said there was “no evidence” that the bug originated in a Chinese laboratory.

Yet, last month he said the lab leak theory “may have weight” and couldn’t be ruled out.

The health expert also said that he was “not convinced” that the virus is naturally occurring.