Cruise ship doctor who became anxious about coronavirus spread found hanged in his cabin

A CRUISE ship doctor who became anxious about the crew on-board contracting Covid-19 hanged himself in his cabin, an inquest heard.

Colombian medic Roman Palacios Holguin was the doctor aboard the residential cruise ship The World when the coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year.

The 57-year-old doctor killed himself while working on the cruise ship The World

The 57-year-old became anxious about the crew catching coronavirus after the privately-owned residential ship docked in Falmouth, Cornwall.

He was due to finish work on 21 May – but this was prolonged because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Roman Palacios Holguin killed himself eight days later, the inquest heard.

The ship’s captain Mark Dexter said The World departed Freemantle in Australia after cruise ships were ordered to leave the country’s waters in March.

Captain Dexter said the doctor became anxious about arriving in Falmouth because the nurse would be sent home, leaving him to care for the remaining 72 crew members.

The captain said: “He started to question whether he could cope once the nurse had gone home.”

He said the medic was also concerned about the borders of Colombia being closed and was not sleeping.

Det Con Kelly Browning said: “His anxiety was building over the Covid-19 situation and it seemed his concerns surrounding this were unimaginable.”

The acting senior coroner for Cornwall Andrew Cox said the doctor’s death was due to hanging and recorded a suicide conclusion.