Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty rushed to hospital after battle with Covid

BIG Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty has been rushed to hospital after a battle with Covid.

The TV star revealed he is suffering lung problems and was strapped to an oxygen mask in a video he shared from his hospital bed.

Paddy Doherty is back in hospital following his battle with Covid-19

Paddy, who was admitted to hospital in April following a heart attack, said over the noise of the mask: “Back agin. Not too good. Just in the lungs, over the Covid.”

He added: “I’ll be all right” and said he’d hopefully be discharged “later today.”

Fans rallied around him, with one writing: “Praying for you Paddy”

Another person wrote: “Awwwww no get well soon paddy sending love and healing x


He previously said nurses had been “very worried” about him following his battle with Covid and pneumonia earlier this year.

The former bare-knuckle boxer, who found himself on oxygen after breathing struggles “knocked him down for six”, previously described his brush with the virus as his “hardest fight ever”.

The TV star, who in 2019 got the all-clear from prostate cancer, told a friend: “I’ve taken a lot of hits over the years – but nothing like this.

“Just when you think you’ve beaten the c**p out it if – bang it comes back and floors you.”

He also said he was “lucky” to be alive after turning to booze to cope with the death of his mother which he think led to his heart attack.

Paddy said: “You know what it is? It’s just all the stress with my brother Martin [McDonagh], and my mother with the dementia.

“Maybe I couldn’t handle it. And then I went on the beer, I went to drink. It’s no good.”

He added in a later in another video post: “I was trapped in my own world.

“I couldn’t deal with me and I couldn’t deal with my mother in a home.

“I used to drink just to get drunk. Really my nerves are f***ed up.”