Dybala’s Wag Oriana still has coronavirus after faulty ‘negative’ test as she warns ‘we know nothing about this virus’

PAULO DYBALA’S partner, Oriana Sabatini, still has coronavirus after a faulty test showed a negative result.

Both Dybala and Oriana tested positive for the killer bug last month, with Italy one of Europe’s worst-affected countries.

Oriana Sabatini has revealed she still has coronavirus thanks to a false negative test

Dybala and Oriana both tested positive for the killer bug in March

As of Thursday night, 13,155 people had died in the nation, with well over 100,000 positive tests recorded.

And now Oriana, 23, has sent a warning to fans over the potential danger of “false negatives” as she continues to live with the virus.

She said: “I am updating you because many are asking me. On March 21, my boyfriend and I did a test for coronavirus. We tested positive.

“Three days ago they did the test again and it was negative. Yesterday morning I did another test.

“I tested positive. So I still have coronavirus.”

Argentine model and singer Oriana went on to reveal it just proves that not only does she not understand the killer bug, but no one else does either.

She continued: “I don’t really know how it works, I don’t even know why it was negative first and then positive.

“I think I heard that if you contract coronavirus and then do a test it can be a false negative. For this reason take another one to make sure it is 100 per cent negative.

“This proves how little we know about this virus, because we thought we had been infected by the contact of my boyfriend with his team-mate [Daniele Rugani] who was positive.

“But it seems strange to me because the 15 days in which we are sick have already passed, so it does not make sense that we continue to have it.”


Fortunately, Oriana did go on to say both her and Dybala feel healthy – before urging people to stay at home to limit the spread of coronavirus.

She said: “However, we are very well and we have almost no symptoms. We feel quite well.

“We continue like this, of course, but continue to stay at home and those who have any doubts know that 15 days are not enough. Take care of yourself and others.

“I absolutely don’t want to alarm people, the virus travels around the world, but maybe my experience can help someone and reassure those who, among so many deaths, also see people who recover.

“But many people contact me asking me about the virus, what medicines they prescribed or if we are well or why I turned out to be negative and then positive…

Oriana Sabatini sent a warning to her followers about the virus

“The reality is that I don’t know anything. I know as much as people who ask me these things.

“Obviously don’t heal yourself. If you think you have the virus, stay in the house.

“Stay at least 15 days at least until the president says so. We continue to take care of ourselves.”