Over 50 migrants caught crossing Channel after coronavirus breaks out in Calais camp

DOZENS of migrants, including five children, have been caught trying to cross the Channel in four inflatable boats.

The 52 Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans were brought ashore by Border Force officials at Dover on Thursday.


Migrants, including five children, were caught crossing the Channel in inflatable boats

Their detention sparked coronavirus fears as photos appeared to show officials not wearing protective gear.

But the Home Office insisted it was available.

Two cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the Calais migrant community and another in a refugee camp in Dunkirk.

French officials said the sufferers were taken into isolation and that about 20 places had been reserved for migrants who may contract coronavirus.

Up to 3,000 are thought to be living in “high-risk” conditions in northern France.

Clare Moseley, founder of charity Care4Calais, warned Europe was “looking at a humanitarian disaster”.

Their custody sparked coronavirus fears as officials did not seem to be wearing protective gear

Clare Moseley, founder of charity Care4Calais said: ‘We need the French state to intervene’

She said: “This is a huge concern because here they can’t put in place the mitigation strategies that people are using elsewhere in Europe.”

“They can’t use social distancing, they can’t self-isolate and they can’t wash their hands.”

“We need the French state to intervene.”